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New Hampshire Grocers Association's essential aim and value is to work cooperatively in coalition with others whenever shared aims make this possible. We work in cooperation with other organisations that share our aims and goals to continued success within the New Hampshire food industry and those organisations who benefit it's members.








New Hampshire Grocers Association, NH Soft Drink Association, and the Beverage Distributors support, through collaborative efforts, comprehensive programs developed to address, litter issues, recycling challenges, environmental awareness and education.


These goals are accomplished by offering municipal recycling grants and signs, anti-litter programs and technical assistance to recycling programs. New Hampshire communities are eligible to apply for funding to assist with the purchase of recycling equipment. This includes monies to purchase curbside collection bins, balers, crushers, roll-off containers and other equipment that will help a community achieve higher diversion rates.


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Our affiliation with New Hampshire Food Industries Education Foundation is a rewarding collaboration with a single goal of bringing financial relief to the cost of education through grants to NHGA members and their qualifying dependents who are enrolled in college.



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The New Hampshire Food Bank distributes nutritious food to more than 400 partner agencies such as food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children’s programs, and senior centers who, in turn, distribute to clients. NH Grocers Association proudly supports their efforts along with several of our members. All food product overages from our events are donated to the NH Food Bank.  Additionally, NHGA holds the annual NH State Best Bagger Competition at the NH Food Bank in Manchester and a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the NH Food Bank. We encourage all to support them, learn more at

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