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Grocers Coupon Service (GCS)

110 Stark Street

Manchester, NH 03101

or email to denise@grocers.org

1 Mail or drop-off all your coupons to:

   Grocers Coupon Service (GCS)
   110 Stark Street
   Manchester, NH 03101


2  Include your store name and GCS#

A number will be assigned once contract is approved


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FAQs about Coupon Redemption


Do I need to label my coupons?

Upon our receipt of your Coupons Contract, we will generate a welcome letter to you with your Grocers Coupon Service (GCS) ID# and our mailing address, as well as a Coupon Deposit Slip to send in with your first batch of coupons, Once that has been processed you will receive a return label & deposit slip with your check for sending the next batch.


Do I need to count or sort the coupons?

No, just package your coupons in boxes or envelopes. Drop them off at our office or mail them via a method you are comfortable with.


How long does it take for me to get reimbursed?

Typically, payments are received within about 45 days. The first shipment takes about a week longer.


Are there any requirements of me to redeem coupons?

Yes. First you must be a CURRENT MEMBER of your Trade Association. Second, a Security Deposit/Chargeback Reserve equal to 50% of the total value of your coupons will be deducted from your first two coupon shipments for future chargebacks. We also reserve the right to adjust your reserve account up or down according to the volume of your coupons.


Do you know what a chargeback is?

In order to pay you in a timely manner, we always pay the full value of your coupon shipment in advance of payment from the manufacturer. This is done because it takes the manufacturers anywhere from one month to a full year.


Occasionally, manufacturers refuse payments for coupons submitted for redemption commonly called “chargebacks” because they require further verification on the retailer or the products sold. Since GCS initially paid you the full amount of your shipments, in these cases, we must charge you back for rejected coupons. Every time this occurs, you will be given complete information and directions for further redemption.


Many times the manufacturer just needs to update their files through a questionnaire. In some instances, they need proof of product purchases. By complying with the manufacturers request, your chargeback coupons will be redeemed in full in a timely manner.


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